I love new ideas and creative minded people who are on the other side of the world. I welcome all kinds of proposals that will work for both of us!


Press/ FAM (familiarization) Trips
– Press trips and Fam trips that are related to this website’s content are welcome.

Hotel and Restaurant Review
– A full coverage for the entire Hotel, Restaurant or other Establishment

Product Tests and Reviews
– I will be thrilled to endorse products that I know my readers will enjoy and find useful as well. However, products are subject to tests and trials. If you want to send me a product to test, please send an email.

Sponsored Posts
– Related products, topics, and links are welcome as sponsored post

Giveaway Collaborations

Social Media Campaigns and Takeovers

E-Newsletter Campaigns

Advertisement Space

Advertisement Links

Affiliate Partnership

Brand Ambassadorship


Social Media Management
– I continuously learning the different ways of growing social media platforms. I grow not only the numbers but also the engagement. You can take a look at my social media channels.

Building a Professional Blog
– Want to monetize your blog? I can help you with that. I also have an available online course about monetizing your blog here.

Hotel and Restaurant Review
– I have reviewed a couple of hotels and hostels in ASIA. You can check all the hotels and hostels I reviewed from the past, here.

Travel Coach/ Consultant
– I can help you with your itinerary and travel planning.

Blogging Coach/ Consultant
– I put up my blog by myself. If you’re looking for advice and tips on how to build your own blog, I can help you with that. I also have available blogging online courses here.


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