Working Remotely: My 7 Best Online Job Websites

Working Remotely: My 7 Best Online Job Websites

I quit my full-time job not to travel the world but to start an online freelancing career in Upwork. I thought it was easy for as long as you completed your profile and you’re available to start anytime. But I was wrong. It takes me six months before I landed an online job and that time I was already working as an email support representative in the BPO industry.

It was Friday morning when I received an email from an employer inviting me for an interview for a Customer Support post. The interview will take place at 1 am Philippine time since the client is in the US and following Pacific Timezone and my out in work was at 11 pm.

Come the interview time, it went well and ended up with my client giving me the schedule for the training which is on following Monday, and I’ll be handling the social media channels of the company and other marketing related work, not as a customer support.

As of today, I am still with the company working as a Social Media Manager and Graphic Artist. I’ve been with the company for seven months now and will still be in a few more months for as long as I can still handle the required schedule. Aside from that, I am also working for a direct company as a social media manager with a flexible schedule and triple the rate of my client in Upwork. Why didn’t I give up my client in Upwork when I am earning triple the rate of my direct hire client? It’s simply because my Upwork client is so generous and it’s hard for me to give him up because my freelancing career started from him and mostly my travel fund came from working with him. Out of the blue, he will call me asking where I am and where will be my preferred hotel or staycation to spend the weekend or I’ll receive an email from Upwork that my client sent me a bonus or simply those time that he allows me to adjust my schedule because I am traveling or for whatever reason.

How did I find my online job? Over the internet of course! But where? Below are 7 online job websites you can check out!



1. Upwork
It’s number one on my list because this is where it all started. Previously known as oDesk. This is one of the major sources of online jobs around the world. There are so many online jobs you can apply given that it fits your qualification. Joining here is free so time is your only investment.


2. Online Jobs PH
This is a Philippine-based company but worry not — they are not exclusive for Filipinos. Most of the companies that are looking for employees here are US based and having known that Filipinos are fluent in English, the job postings in this website are always updated. On top of it, registration is free!


3. Freelancer
Freelancer is an online job platform where employers post a project (i.e. Website Building Project, Campaign Marketing, etc) that has a certain time limit. The website works in a bidding basis. If you are a freelancer, you have to bid on the projects posted on the site and in the end, the employer will choose the best bid. By bid, I meant what you have to offer such as your proposal and expected salary. If you’re looking for a short-term contract, this website is the best.


4. Indeed
Indeed has a special search feature where you can find online and physical jobs. Online jobs in this website include work at home technical support, data entry, admin, etc. Indeed is easy to use because you can filter your search from the expected salary, location and job type.


5. Freelance Writing Gigs
If you got writing skills and passionate about it, you might want to check this online job portal and apply for writing jobs available. Jobs varies from copywriting, writing an article on blogs, writing tutorials and much more.


6. Craiglist
Craiglist is one of the best and it offers a lot of opportunities. From online job to house sitting to selling stuff, etc. A wide variety of jobs is available in this website!


7. Italki
An online marketplace for languages, Italki provides that virtual classroom capability for both students and freelance teachers.

Getting started with Italki is pretty easy and quick.

Here is what you need to do in order to get started:

  1. Register at the site which is free.
  2. Make a curriculum.
  3. Set your rate for teaching.
  4. Hang around and wait for students.
  5. Start teaching once you get clients.
  6. Collect your money!

Aside from putting together teachers and students, Italki also keeps a good number of online language resources for free that you can use.

These online resources also help obtain consumer traffic for its marketplace.

After looking at teaching prices available, I discovered that a handful charge about $15 for half an hour.

Definitely a reasonable price in exchange for talking to a student for 30 minutes. This actually may make you want to never talk without getting paid!



PW_my 7 best online job websites


Did you already use any website from my list above? Where did you find your first online job?

I would love to hear your experiences! Leave your tips, suggestions, insights, violent reactions on the comment box below!


This post might be helpful when you want to start to work remotely or if you’ll be looking for an alternative or additional online job website.

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