Hi, I’m Sheena and I love to travel.

I love travel so much that I started SolitaryTravels to inspire others to work less and travel more.

Whether you have a few weeks annual leave to take or several months to spare, I believe getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new places, cultures and food is the best type of experience going.

I want to show you that travel doesn’t have to be frightening, stressful or expensive. People around the world are just as friendly and wonderful as you are, so let’s go meet them…

What is SolitaryTravels?

I started this travel blog to inspire others to travel through sharing my passion. The blog is continually updated with practical advice, useful tips and honest reviews from a wide range of travel destinations.


I am a slow traveler

Not in the sense that I hold up the passport line at immigration but I mean I take my sweet time to experience places I visit.

Whenever possible I like to stay a few days longer to get a deeper insight into wherever I am. My philosophy is: don’t rush, you only visit most places once so enjoy them.

I tend to steer clear of organized tours and prefer to explore on my own terms, if I can. For me it’s all about quality travel over quantity. One day I may have visited every country in the world but only if I’ve created some great memories along the way.

My story…



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